Important Things To Keep In Mind When Visiting A Medical Spa

Are you visiting a medical spa soon, and nervous about what to expect? You came to the right place. This article will list some of the most important things that you should know prior to visiting an upper east side med spa. After reading through our list, we guarantee that you can go to a medical spa with the right expectations. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. A physician might not directly conduct your treatment

Medical directors in med spas are required to be doctors, however, they may oversee treatments from a distance. Medical personnel is not present all the time at some medi spas, unlike in doctor’s offices, where the physicians are responsible for overseeing treatments and keeping health records. That means that depending on the medical spa you visited, there might not be a physician on hand if anything goes wrong.

Additionally, please remember that the physician monitoring you may lack the necessary training or expertise. Some doctors are taking on the role of medi spa supervisor in order to increase their profit margins due to decreasing reimbursement for services for health insurance.

Even if the spa director in the med spa that you visited has a medical license, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to handle issues that develop from spa services if they don’t focus on the scope of expertise in which they’re working. Choosing a doctor who specializes in cosmetics, aesthetics, skin care, plastic, or facial cosmetic procedures is your best chance.

  1. The importance of experience for the med spa staff

Professional aestheticians, often known as skin care experts, are often listed as the providers of services in spas. In order to become an aesthetician, you simply need 400 hours of instruction, including any prior work experience. Cosmetic surgeons undergo further instruction in skin care, massages, as well as waxing after finishing the cosmetology institution’s requirements in hair, manicure, and cosmetics.

Aestheticians may then rebrand their title as “advanced aestheticians” after finishing additional certification in the use of laser and injectable procedures. As a result, medi spa workers may be administering potentially harmful therapies with little or no medical training.

How risky is this situation? Botox and dermal fillers like Restylane, Juvederm Voluma, as well as Radiesse may cause significant complications if administered improperly. It’s more likely that filler will get up in a blood artery near or even between your eyes, increasing the risk of permanent blindness. For the first four months after the injection, Botox might result in drooping eyebrows when administered adjacent to the brow. Time is the only remedy for this problem.

On the other hand, laser procedures are not without danger. They have the capability to irreversibly damage your epidermis and impair your eyesight. Even though a license to practice medicine is required to obtain a laser, some operators who provide laser therapy may lack adequate training. It is possible that lasers, which emit very bright and intense laser waves, might be used in a way that results in damage, injury, or even death.


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