For Bodybuilders And Bodybuilders To Be

To achieve your goal, you need to know how to use weight workouts.

Everyone has different needs to get to the body they want. Different people have different paths to get there. There are two elements to shaping up our bodies. One is weight or diet, the other is muscle building/toning. We can use all the buzz words we want, but it still comes down to weight management and muscle toning.

No matter what you look like or how fit you are, you still need a healthy diet. Adopt a daily diet with the proper balance of protein, sugars, fiber, and starches. Set a daily calorie limit. Take supplements if needed to get the minerals and vitamins you body requires. Adjust the diet for any physical conditions we have, such as diabetes.

You need to find a workout program that focuses on all your muscle groups. Weight training is not for spot reducing – you cannot work on a specific ‘problem’ area with toning exercise. Don’t do each and every activity every day. Start out your plan at the physical level you are at. If you are just starting out, don’t try to do 50 push ups and run 3 miles. Start out slower and work up your endurance and strength.

When you start your weight, realize what happens as you tone. You break down the muscle, the muscles will build back up, and you gain strength. We want to create muscle mass because as the new muscle grows, it burns more energy while remaining strong and healthy. There will also be more muscle mass, thus it burns even more calories. What does this mean? Surprise! As you tone your muscles and adjust your weight, you can eat more as the muscles will use more calories. If part of your goal is to lose weight, this is a wonderful plus.

For the novice, weights can be purchased economically. I have several sources listed in the right hand column. Many routines can be purchased online as e-books or DVD/videos. The workout plan can be cardiovascular aerobics, muscle toning exercises, or weight lifting – OR – and this is best – a combination of the three. Investing in a good body building program is more economical than picking up an ineffective one off the bargain rack. A good workout program created especially for women by a renown body builder is the best investment you can make. Usually they will also tell you which exercise equipment is best for you.


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