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It’s a clean and simple pale lager and one of the more popular beer varieties.



Stouts have an unclear history, yet it’s strongly held by many that they derive from porters.

Pale Ale

Pale Ale

Pale ale is one of the world’s most popular beer styles. It’s made with the use of pale malt.

Brown Ale

Brown Ale

It’s a very old style beer, whose history dates back to unhopped ales.



Since 2005, Hideout Brewing Company has been offering a wide variety of hand-crafted beers that will satisfy anyone’s taste.

While you enjoy one of our classic Hideout brews, check out what else we have to offer! Kick back and enjoy live music, relax in our beer garden, or challenge your friends to a classic video game located in our upstairs lounge.

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Throughout the Hideout’s journey since, Scott and Nick perfected beer recipes, expanded the taproom to 32 tap handles, and signing major distributors. To date, Hideout Brewing Company is distributed statewide and and continues to push forward.

The brewery has a 10 bbl (310 gallon) system, comprised of salvaged tanks used to make a mash tun and kettle. Fermentation takes place in five 55 gallon drums and transferred one keg at a time making it one of the smaller and more hands on systems in the state. This type of system does allow for some advantages over larger systems including the ability to use a wide variety of yeast strains and create a number of specialty products and design new recipes.

The Hideout Brewing Company offers a Mug Club membership to its customers.

– Enrollment occurs year-round, and is a great way to show your love of craft beer. The cost to be enrolled is an annual fee of only $35.

Membership benefits include:

– Discounts on beer all week long
– Mug Club Tuesdays with $1 off per pour.
– Mug Club parties, in which food and live music are offered for no charge.

Also included is a custom mug which, at 20oz, means a larger pour for you!